Five Step Turf Care Program 

              Our 5 Step Turf Care Program is tailor made for the Sheridan/Johnson county areas. Our program provides quantities of fertilizers, and herbicides to make your lawn look its best! We offer 3, 4 or 5 applications customized per your lawns needs, and your budget. The best results are achieved through 5 applications. Our lawns always look noticeably better than the neighbors!
             Our 5 Step Program will begin (weather permitting) the second week of April, and end the second week of October. There is approximately five weeks between applications. The first four applications are liquid, leaving the fifth as a slow release granular. 

EARLY SPRING: This application is liquid. Our liquid applications are the most effective in controlling broadleaf weeds. We will control weeds, while giving your lawn a rapid green up. We include a pre-emergent to stop weeds before they grow in this first application. Expect to see us around early, to mid April to apply this step. 

SPRING: This liquid application will continue to promote a dark green, weed free lawn. It is critical to control broadleaf weeds this time of year, and that is what this application is all about. This application begins near the end of may. 

SUMMER:​ Summer time brings with it, hot temperatures, high transpiration, and weeds that like it this way. We will help your grass cope with high temperatures, while keeping weeds that like it hot at bay. This application typically begins the first week of July. 

LATE SUMMER/EARLY FALL:​ This application is the last liquid application of the season. As we get some cooler temperatures, your grass will look its best. This application of fertilizers will promote a dark green lawn, and start preparing your turf for the coming winter. Expect to see us in mid August for this application. 

​FALL:​ This application is a slow release granular. This application does not have any herbicide, but will continue to feed your grass throughout the winter. This application will build strong; deep roots that will help your grass get through the long winter. We provide this application starting the first of October. 


  • Increased property values, and curb appeal
  • More efficient use of available water
  • Enhanced ability to fight turf disease, and insects
  • Your lawns keep a beautiful color  

Displayed Below are some lawns that have been treated by our 5 Step Turf Care Program.