If you would like to work for a contractor that won't accept average results for its customers, please feel free to fill out our employment application(see link below), or use your own resume.   Please print the application, fill it out & e-mail, or mail your application or resume to us.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.  For the fastest response, please use e-mail.

  Applicants that have the best odds of being hired by LSI will have recent work references filled out completely.    If you are selected, we may call you for a personal interview! 

  Thank you for your interest in Landscaping Services, Inc!

    LSI trains our employees to perform all of our work.  Our employees often work on more than one crew each week.   To work at LSI, team members have to be willing to help out where needed, and be versatile.    LSI really appreciates employees that try their hardest to perform their work efficiently.  LSI rewards its employees according to their performance, and the amount of responsibility employee is trusted with.

 Please follow instructions for best chance of being called for an interview!

General Info.

Landscaping Services, inc. Employment opportunities

Get a copy of our employment application by clicking the link below.

   LSI is currently accepting applications or  resumes.   The crafts that we employ include laborers, operators, arborists, and crew leaders.    We also need help in the office part time.

  Please take the time to submit your application or resume.  We may be looking for laborers, arborist, grounds keepers, and crew leaders at any time, especially during the spring time, in March and April.

  We are always looking for people that are experienced in tree work, and turf management.  If you are passionate about this work, we would like to meet you!   Please take the time to submit your application or resume, if you are interested in joining our team.  

  To qualify for employment at LSI,        e-mail, or mail your application or resume to Landscaping Services, Inc. attn: Bill.  Please feel free to check back with us after you have sent us your resume to find out the status.

Thanks for your interest!

​Bill Arno


​Job Openings


Check out the CONTACT tab for our mailing &      e-mail addresses.

General Laborer(starting immediately):

  This person will be responsible for general labor while building landscaping projects this fall.   After the landscaping projects are completed in November, we will perform tree work until mid December.   At that time, we will lay off the laborer for the winter.   

  This person must be physically fit, and be able to lift heavy weights.   

Hours:  M-F 8:00Am to approx. 5:00PM (varies depending on work being completed)

  We may work some weekends in order to complete landscaping projects.

  When start:   Immediately.   

Starting Pay:   $10.00 -$18.00  DOE 

  After one month of employment, we will sit you down and assess your performance.  If your performance is acceptable you will be given a appropriate raise.


  If you like to work outside, are reliable, and are passionate about your work, a job with LSI might be right for  you!  LSI provides an opportunity for our employees to work in Sheridan, with predictable hours, and a opportunity to learn many new skills.

   If you would like to be considered for employment by LSI, the first step is to send us a completed application (click the link provided above), or you can use your own resume(preferred).  Please e-mail us with any questions.

  If your application/resume is chosen for further action by LSI, the second step would be a personal interview with LSI's owner.  The owner of LSI will contact you using the data that you supplied on your application/resume for an interview.   No interviews will be scheduled, without first supplying us with your employment application, or resume. Be sure that your contact information is filled out completely, and accurately.  Please supply us with your past employers names, and contact information! 

  Check out the "contact" tab on our website  for our mailing, or  e-mail address information.  You can either mail, or e-mail the application/resume.  Please include a cover letter if you would like. 

 LSI operates our business in a professional manner, which allows our employees to plan their lives.   Each Monday we cover our 2 week schedule, which allows employees to be involved.   We start work at 7:30-8:00 Am, and typically finish by 4:00 Pm.   LSI works approx. 44 weeks per year, taking a few weeks off during wintertime.  We rarely work weekends during the summer.   LSI strives to provide the opportunity for a high quality of life for its employees.

  LSI pays better than our competitors in the same markets.  Our pay range is from $9.00/HR for high school students, to $12.00/HR or more for experienced laborers, to $15.00/HR or more for experienced crew leaders.

  At LSI, our employees learn many skills.  Experience isn't a requirement in order to be hired by LSI.    The most important skills we are looking for are as follows:  Employees must be coachable, have safe working habits, with a good attitude, act professionally, be on time every day, and give 100% each day physically, and mentally.  All of our team members must be kind, and respectful to our customers.   

   If you have a good driving record, your odds of being employed by LSI improve.  Most of our positions require the employee to drive, and you must be "insurable" to get behind the wheel of our company vehicles.  LSI will require a driving record check prior to employment in most cases.

Thank you for your interest!

Bill Arno