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Bill Arno

ISA Certified Arborist


Slant Style

Please browse through the pictures below.  There are advantages, and disadvantages to almost any material used in the landscape.  We can help you choose the right materials to accomplish your goals. 

Tree Removal

We provide irrigation maintenance services for customers requiring multiple services!

Mower style is the most common curb for residential applications.  As the name suggests, mowers can mow up and over the edge, thus lowering lawn maintenance.

Top Left: Grading, sod, irrigation, drip systems, trees, shrubs, 1" washed rock gardens.
Top Right: Area graded and seeded.
Bottom: Design & Build playground at the Children's Center in Sheridan complete with sod, grading, irrigation, trees, redwood forts, pine logs, boulders, and planter. The kids love this place!!
Top Left: 1" washed rock garden.
Top Right: Redwood mulch garden. 
Bottom Left: 1" washed rock 
Bottom Right: Natural boulder garden.

  We provide a perfect blend of micro & macro nutrients for your turf, and it shows!  Please compare our turfs appearance to all others.  There is a huge difference!  Our turf is dark green, and weed free from March through November!

Our stump grinder makes it easy!

Wood Chipping & Cleanup

  Tree planting

Check out our top of the line zero turn commercial mowers in action!

Landscaping Design & Build

Tree Services


​​​​​Our Services  

You won't find any unwanted broad leaf weeds in our lawns!

   LSI will take care of your lawn for you.    We have all the equipment, and staff necessary to keep your lawn looking its best.  Our staff places high quality service at the top of our priorities for you!  Our Grounds keeping crews are reliable, friendly, and professional.


   LSI offers mowing, trimming, aeration, edging, pruning, clean up, and a  5 Step Lawn Care Programthat will leave your lawn looking fabulous!  Lawn care is our passion.  Please consider hiring us to provide all your required grounds keeping needs.  We are the only local contractor that can build, and maintain all aspects of  your outdoor spaces.  We also offer irrigation maintenance to our customers that require multiple services.  Why juggle many contractors when you only need one?


  Our weekly mowing operations start the second week of April, and end the second week of October.  We have top of the line mowing equipment, and we sharpen our blades weekly with our commercial blade sharpener.  We follow sound fundamentals of professional turf care management, and our properties show it!



  Be sure to contact us early to get your free written proposal for our grounds keeping services.  We try very hard to fill our schedule early in the summer, so don't wait.   We can customize a plan to fit your unique property's needs, and your budget.   We can provide a monthly flat fee pricing structure for multiple services.   We are licensed applicators with the State of Wyoming!



    The best time to plan your new landscape is winter time!  Please contact us between November to March to get on our schedule first!  We work very hard to fill our landscaping schedule before May each year.  We give special priority to our current grounds keeping & tree services customers that would like a project completed during the summer.  

   Landscaping Services Inc has designed and built many beautiful landscapes!    We are equipped to build most any landscape from the ground up.   Please browse our pictures to see if there is something you like. 


       Landscaping Services Inc also offers all phases of tree care year round.  LSI provides tree trimming, tree removal, wood chipping & cleanup, tree planting, tree health care, and stump grinding services.  We are passionate about trees, and it shows!

  We are typically somewhere between 2-6 weeks out for our tree services.  Please contact us a few weeks before you require our service!

  We are licensed and bonded tree trimmers in the city of Sheridan.  We have an ISA certified arborist on staff.  We are bonded and insured to trim trees, and to perform all of our services.   The right thing to do, is hire LSI.


      Landscaping Services Inc, provides ALL the services to build and maintain your outdoor spaces.  The first step to establishing a relationship with a customer is a initial site visit.     We pride ourselves in being the most professional outdoor services contractor in the area.


      Please use the form supplied on our CONTACT tab to set up a site visit.   In some cases, all we need is your  address and a specific description of what you would like us to look at.  We will stop by and take a look at your project, or meet with you if you prefer!   We will mail, or e-mail you a free written proposal after we have visited your property.  In most cases, we can provide your proposal while we are onsite.   


     If you decide to hire us its easy.  Sign and return the proposal to get on our schedule.  Be sure to contact us a few weeks before you want your project completed, as we are very busy year round.   We want to answer all of your questions, and make you feel comfortable during this process.


​     Our employees place high quality service at the top of our priorities for you.  We are confident that your experience with Landscaping Services, Inc will be a positive one.

  We provide a complete package of our services for many of our customers.   We can manage your property from the ground up including irrigation, all phases of lawn care, all inclusive tree services, and any landscaping project you can imagine.   Why spend your valuable time managing multiple contractors when you can hire us to Do It All!

Our Mission

At Landscaping Services, Inc., our mission is simple: to design, build, and maintain landscapes to meet, or exceed our customers expectations. 

Our Pledge

We at Landscaping Services, Inc. pledge to provide professional, high quality services, with honest, friendly, knowledgeable staff.


If you need help maintaining your property,  leave it up to us!

  We operate with the highest level of honesty, and integrity!

 We completed this job in 2016, requiring irrigation, sod, rock gardens, & edging at St. John the Baptist Church in Buffalo,  Wy.

4" x 6" curb is a solid curb.  It still gives a nice clean look, but can withstand higher traffic areas.

We are trusted to care for some of the most valuable trees in the area.

Lawn Care

Slant style is a clean looking curb.  There are stamping options available with this curb.  

Our 50' bucket truck will reach high up in your trees!

Mower Edge

Can your lawn boy do this? 

Click the curb color card link to choose your curb color!

Our equipment can fit through a 4' gate without causing damage to your yard!

LSI is a proud member of the International Society of Arboriculture.   We receive ongoing education, and training in arboriculture.  Please check out ISA's website to confirm our certifications, and learn about trees.

Top: 2" scoria garden.
Middle: Design & Build front yard with fence, sod, irrigation, paver walkway & patio, trees, shrubs and river rock gardens.
Bottom: Sod, irrigation, 1" washed rock gardens with flagstone walkways.

Our 30" Toro plug aerator pulls nice 2-3" long plugs.   This equipment provides a very economical way to keep your soils loose, and your turf healthy.

We install beautiful decorative concrete curbing.  Ask us for more details!  

What does it cost you to own and maintain your lawn care equipment?   How much time do you spend per year?   Save your time and money, and hire LSI to DO IT ALL!


Tree Pruning

We have three standard decorative curb choices shown below.   We can easily produce curb in most any color imaginable(see link below).   

Lawn Care